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So, it’s nearing the end of February and I’m feeling like I need to end the month off with a bit more LOVE – HM style – so, here’s the challenge:

Post a preview of a current Heritage Makers project you’re working on to my Facebook page and my favourite 3 projects will each win $25 towards publishing their project (redeemable at time of publishing).

Easy, right!!!




Want to get in on the action but you’re not on Heritage Makers yet? It’s super simple!! Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to my website:
  2. Sign-up for your FREE account.
  3. Start creating a project with your FREE account OR join our discount club – CLUB HM – for discount on ALL you projects ALL the time as well as FREE PREMIER account with access to all the artwork, templates, etc. PLUS, join before the end of February and earn even more FREE product ($50 for Gold or Silver; $25 for Bronze).


  1. Go to MY PROJECTS AND TEMPLATES screen and choose VIEW IN PROGRESS or VIEW COMPLETED depending what stage your project is at.
  2. Click VIEW for the project you would like to share.
  3. When the project browser screen pops up in a new window click on SHARE and then click ON A WEB PAGE OR BLOG.
  4. Highlight and COPY the text in one of the boxes – I prefer the simple link but it doesn’t really matter – then PASTE this link onto my Facebook page – – (you will need to LIKE my facebook page before you can post).
  5. Contest closes at midnight on February 28th.
  6. Winning  projects will be posted on March 3rd.
  7. Post as many projects as you want…the more the merrier!!

Can’t wait to see what you’re creating!! Best of luck to everyone!!

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This weekend ONLY – FREE Premier access!!

You have to go and try it out folks…it’s amazing!! Like having 10 Michaels stores at your fingertips just waiting for your to create beautiful projects with your photos. Check it out! Play around. All for FREE!! You can’t beat that! 🙂:)


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October sale – get the gift that keeps on giving!


Just in time for holiday gifts, take an extra 10% off all calendars.

Feature your families best photos of the year and share them with friends and family, near and far, with an amazing personalized and customized calendar. It’s the gift that last all year-long!

CHECK OUT THESE SAMPLES BELOW – templates that are easily customized to suit YOUR photos!


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Business cards are SO small that it can be difficult to design them knowing exactly how they will turn out in the end. However, Heritage Makers has put out some KEY TIPS to making sure that your business cards turn out JUST RIGHT:

Business Cards–Design Guidelines

Bleed, Safe Area and Crop Marks explained. . .

Safe Area. Imagine an area about 1/8-inch inside the bleed area (for demonstration purposes here, we’ve designated it with dotted lines). Make sure any text or key art elements are within the safe area, otherwise they could get cut off.
Crop Marks/Trim.
This is where we aim to cut your cards.
Bleed Area. We cut the bleed area off your cards to avoid white strips on the edge. Make sure any images or colors fill this area.

TIP #1 Make sure your text and important details are inside the safe area, otherwise they may get cut off.

TIP #2 Make sure your images/colors/background art extends through the FULL bleed. Otherwise, your cards might have ugly white areas.

TIP #3 Sadly, the use of borders can result in lopsided cards, and we wouldn’t want that

—so avoid them where possible.

Just remember these handy tips and you’ll be HAPPY with all the business cards you publish with Heritage Makers.


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Mixing “business” with “pleasure”!!

Want to create beautiful, unique invitations to a special event? How about using a tri-fold brochure?! I NEVER would have consider it, except that is was today’s Heritage Makers challenge on the Club HM facebook page. So….I dove right it. I used my absolute favourite art collection – SOPHISTICATED GRUNGE – and some photos I had already uploaded of my parents around their engagement, and created an mock wedding invitation from the tri-fold brochure in the Heritage Makers business products. Here’s the results:



I’d LOVE to hear what YOU think! Leave me a message and let me know!

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What’s your style? VOTE for your top 3.

With over 5000 pieces of art work included in a Premier membership to Heritage Makers, I often find the options overwhelming! To do one tiny search for the perfect letter “a” results in over 250 possibilities – yikes!! But what I’ve found is that I gravitate towards certain styles of backgrounds, alphabets and embellishments more than to others. Yes, at times the subject of the page dictates the use of some elements I might not normally pick, but, still my personal likes and dislikes play a big role. In the end I find that my pages, and the ones that others have created that I am most drawn to, tend to have a similar feel to them.

I guess it’s a good thing there is so much choice. With this much variety there is enough to suit any artistic design. To prove my point I created a book called “What’s Your Style?” showcasing various types of pages that are easy to create with Heritage Makers. Each style has its own characteristics and feel.

So, now I want to know from you – WHAT’S YOUR STYLE? Take a look at the slideshow below and notice which pages really get you excited. Then take my poll and vote for your top 3 styles.

Share this with friends and family and have them vote as well.

Check back often to see the results.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

CHALLENGE: Can you guess what my top 3 styles are??? Take your best guess in the comment box below.

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