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FOR GOD SO LOVES…Family Easter Book

So…this is my latest project for my cousin and her family – CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO SEE A PREVIEW OF THE WHOLE BOOK. It’s an 8×8 soft cover storybook filled with messages of love. What do you think? A priceless treasure for the family don’t you think?

Want your own version? Two ways to do this:

  1. Get a Premier account with Heritage Makers (or be on CLUB HM and get your Premier account FREE) and I’ll send you the template. Then just drag and drop your own photos in, change the colours, artwork and backgrounds, add your own text and voila…your book is done!!
  2. OR hire me to make one for you. I’ll email you a form where you can fill in the particulars – names, favourites, colour scheme, etc. and then email it back to me with your photos. I’ll put the book together, send you a preview, and, when you’re satisfied, I’ll publish it and ship it right to your front door.


God so loved(#2540556)-FC


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Gentlemen…look no further…here’s the PERFECT Valentine gift!!


Attention GUYS!!!!!

Looking for the PERFECT Valentine gift for that special someone?

Contact me and turn ordinary memories into an extraordinary gift for the love of your life.

Simply provide me with 13 photos and 10 message entries (or choose from my suggestions) and you will receive a gorgeous 7X5 hardbound storybook  with 21 high-quality personalized pages filled with your photos and messages and shipped right to your front door.

All this for only $70.00 – that’s 30% off regular pricing – what a deal!!

DEADLINE January 20th so contact me TODAY!!


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GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY – Don’t miss out on extra great savings this week-end only!!

For the next 4 days buy HM publishing points at Gold Club prices!

This is an exclusive offer for all Club Members (Consultants and clients at any Club level). Save 33% when you buy 50-point packages (50 points – $33.33, 100 points – $66.66, etc.) Available Nov. 30th thru Dec. 3rd.

Contact me today to place an order as these have to be called or emailed in by me. Don’t miss out on this unprecedented offer. Just think of all the magical HM moments you can give family and friends with these points!!


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This could be YOUR family heritage album!!

Yates Family Album
Check out my latest project – a family heritage book for a co-worker of mine. She was so thankful to be doing this book now as her mom is the last living relative of her generation and she’s already beginning to get confused and forget lots…family connections and occasions. Now, the whole family will have a record to pass along generation after generation. What a priceless treasure!!
WANT TO HAVE A BOOK LIKE THIS ONE OF YOUR OWN FAMILY HISTORY? CONTACT ME TODAY to find out how to get started on Heritage Makers or sign-up for a FREE account from my website (link on the right). Create your book from scratch, or, like me, use one of thousands of gorgeous templates and make it your own. It’s easy, fast and fun!!
LOVE THE PRODUCT BUT DON’T HAVE TIME TO MAKE IT YOURSELF? CONTACT ME TODAY to set up an initial consultation (in person or online) for $25 and get a pricing estimate for your project. Decide from there if you would like to proceed.
Don’t let your family heritage simply disappear…get your stories into books today and cherish those memories forever!!



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Guaranteed Holiday Hit #2: FAMILY STORYBOOK

Storybooks are a fantastic way to record family events and memories. These make wonderful holiday gifts that will be cherished for years and generations to come!!

  • baby books
  • elementary school years
  • real-life princess or superhero
  • teenage time capsule
  • family heritage books
  • love stories
  • family heroes
  • travel book
  • the ideas are endless!!

Take a look at these samples – click on the link to see the whole book:






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Discounts, discounts and more discounts…just in time for the holidays!!

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NEW YORK CITY – a whirlwind adventure!

Take a peak at the book I made to commemorate the 5 day trip my best friend and I made to NYC. Above you see the cover (and did you notice that I spelled my title (new york city) with photos of letters that we found around the city – cool, eh?!) It was a very special trip for both of us so we wanted to put our memories into a storybook and here it is! I used a template, which gave me the basic design, but I LOVE how Heritage Makers allows me to make ANY changes to the template I want to – colour, embellishments, number, location, and size of photos – anything I want! The book took me about 2 weeks to put together and is 81 pages….Yes, you read that right – 81 PAGES!! The best part was that it only cost me $125. If I had made it with paper it would have run me well over $300-$400 – at least! AND a few YEARS to get it completed.

Here’s my favourite pages – but there are lots, lots more…check out the link.


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