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the PERFECT Mother’s Day gift – Personalized Photo Bucket Bags – 10% off THIS MONTH ONLY!

bucket bags3



I know…I know…really Sharon? Mother’s Day already??

Yep…no time like the present to plan ahead! Plus, this month only you get an extra 10% off the PERFECT Mother’s Day gift!!

What’s that? PERSONALIZED PHOTO BUCKET BAGS, that’s what!

bucket bags4There are two sizes:

  • The regular bucket bag is great as a purse
  • While the GRAND bucket bag works well as a carrying bag for all sort of mommy stuff!

How do you get your own? 2 ways:

  1. Design your own at – PLUS contact me to find out how you can save an 25%-35% above and beyond this month’s 10% sale – that’s 35%-45% OFF the retails value – what a steal!!
  2. Commission me to design a bag for you – Contact me for further information on this option.

Take a look at these happy mom’s with their personally designed buckets bags!

bucket bags2

bucket bags


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44 years of love…and still going strong!!

Check out my dad’s valentine gift for my mom! Isn’t it so sweet?! He picked the pictures and wrote out what he wanted to say and I put the book together for him using a template (#24774) and mostly changing the colouring. She received it today – Valetine’s Day of course – and her response was, “I got a Valentine’s surprise this morning that you helped make! What a lovely gift to get and it’s beautiful.” I think she liked it!! 🙂

I’d LOVE to hear from your, so tell me, which is your favourite page?


dad's valentine's book(#2536361)-FC

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Beauty from ashes…

My most recent design entry for the Time 4 Remembrance Challenge this week-end on Club HM.
Inspired by recent events and created from the depths of a broken heart.
Want to send a copy to Sandy Hook School? Let me know what you would like your personal message to be  and I’ll send a copy in your name – free of charge. Let’s show the staff, students and community that our prayers and thoughts are with them all.
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This could be YOUR family heritage album!!

Yates Family Album
Check out my latest project – a family heritage book for a co-worker of mine. She was so thankful to be doing this book now as her mom is the last living relative of her generation and she’s already beginning to get confused and forget lots…family connections and occasions. Now, the whole family will have a record to pass along generation after generation. What a priceless treasure!!
WANT TO HAVE A BOOK LIKE THIS ONE OF YOUR OWN FAMILY HISTORY? CONTACT ME TODAY to find out how to get started on Heritage Makers or sign-up for a FREE account from my website (link on the right). Create your book from scratch, or, like me, use one of thousands of gorgeous templates and make it your own. It’s easy, fast and fun!!
LOVE THE PRODUCT BUT DON’T HAVE TIME TO MAKE IT YOURSELF? CONTACT ME TODAY to set up an initial consultation (in person or online) for $25 and get a pricing estimate for your project. Decide from there if you would like to proceed.
Don’t let your family heritage simply disappear…get your stories into books today and cherish those memories forever!!



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Guaranteed Holiday Hit #1: PERSONALIZED CALENDARS

These have been a hit every Christmas in my family. We use the photos we’ve taken over the past year – places we’ve been, beautiful landscapes we’ve seen, gorgeous nature shots – and turn them into a family calendar that we give to all our Aunts & Uncles as well as some friends and co-workers (oh, and we also tend to keep one for ourselves). I can’t tell you how many times people have commented on the gorgeous calendars and wondered how we made them.

These calendars are 100% customizable to suit your styles and preferences. Nothing you see (well, besides the size… 🙂 ) is permanent. Everything can be changed, moved, deleted, swapped out, rearranged, whatever!

What’s even better is that you can customize what special dates you feature in your calendar – include family birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations, etc. Calendars come in both 8 1/2 x 11 and 11×16 and can either be coil-bound or saddle-stitched – whichever you prefer.

An ideal gift for any grandparents, best friends, siblings or other family members who live far away.

Make the most of the hundreds of photos you’ve taken in 2012. Make those memories last all year long.


Here’s our calendar for the 2013 year.


Also, take a peek at these fabulous templates available for you to change and make your own:



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“Our Love Story – He said….She said”

It’s finally complete and I can share it with the world! The storybook about my parents’ love story – how they met, fell in love, the proposal, the wedding – which I made for their 44th anniversary this month is finally able to be made public. I wanted to wait until I’d given it to them, which happened last week-end. They LOVED it! Brought back lots of memories. Lot’s of great stories…and some really funny ones… to commemorate the beginning of our family. TAKE A LOOK at the whole book:


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Family life gets a “FACE LIFT”?!?!

What kind of face lift? Well the first kind is the best kind – a SMILE!! Here’s a wonderful card ready to send off to your parents to let them know how much you’ve appreciated their love and support over the years. Personalize with you own photos and message.



Or… perhaps your family chore system is in need of a “face lift”. Is it hard to remember who’s supposed to be doing what? Hard to get the kids motivated? Want to teach your kids about working towards goals and about  managing finances? Try this idea that I found on Pinterest ( and created using Heritage Makers. It’s a magnetic chore board. Have your children set a goal – decide on something they would like to purchase and find out how much it costs. To buy their item they complete weekly chores and save up their money. Here’s an idea of  what the board would look like in use:

Simply use this 12×12 scrapbook page and fill the 16 circles with the chores your kids will do to earn money. Cut the circles out and attach magnets to the back.

Then use this 18×24 poster, laminate it (makes it more durable), glue it onto a piece of sheet metal of the same size and VOILA! You have your very own magnetic chore board.

Want to create your own? Message me and I’ll tell you how.

Have other family “face lift” ideas? I’d LOVE to hear them. They might just become my next Heritage Makers project!  🙂



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