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Jazz up your walls – April Canvas Special!

This month all CANVASES are 10% off including out brand new 36″x24″ canvas. With our gorgeous templates you can personalize and customize these canvases in just minutes, like I did with the ones below (had to borrow some photos from family and friends…but don’t they look great?)

Start your own today by opening your own FREE account at then contact me to find out how you can SAVE even more – up to 50% off on our amazing Club HM program!!

babies family me weddingBaby photos for my version courtesy of Richelle Hunter Photography.

Solo photo shoot for my version courtesy of Red Rubber Studio Photography.


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the PERFECT Mother’s Day gift – Personalized Photo Bucket Bags – 10% off THIS MONTH ONLY!

bucket bags3



I know…I know…really Sharon? Mother’s Day already??

Yep…no time like the present to plan ahead! Plus, this month only you get an extra 10% off the PERFECT Mother’s Day gift!!

What’s that? PERSONALIZED PHOTO BUCKET BAGS, that’s what!

bucket bags4There are two sizes:

  • The regular bucket bag is great as a purse
  • While the GRAND bucket bag works well as a carrying bag for all sort of mommy stuff!

How do you get your own? 2 ways:

  1. Design your own at – PLUS contact me to find out how you can save an 25%-35% above and beyond this month’s 10% sale – that’s 35%-45% OFF the retails value – what a steal!!
  2. Commission me to design a bag for you – Contact me for further information on this option.

Take a look at these happy mom’s with their personally designed buckets bags!

bucket bags2

bucket bags


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FOR GOD SO LOVES…Family Easter Book

So…this is my latest project for my cousin and her family – CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO SEE A PREVIEW OF THE WHOLE BOOK. It’s an 8×8 soft cover storybook filled with messages of love. What do you think? A priceless treasure for the family don’t you think?

Want your own version? Two ways to do this:

  1. Get a Premier account with Heritage Makers (or be on CLUB HM and get your Premier account FREE) and I’ll send you the template. Then just drag and drop your own photos in, change the colours, artwork and backgrounds, add your own text and voila…your book is done!!
  2. OR hire me to make one for you. I’ll email you a form where you can fill in the particulars – names, favourites, colour scheme, etc. and then email it back to me with your photos. I’ll put the book together, send you a preview, and, when you’re satisfied, I’ll publish it and ship it right to your front door.


God so loved(#2540556)-FC


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Guaranteed Holiday Hit #4 – Custom Playing Cards

So, there’s still a bit of time to get your holiday projects done and delivered before Dec. 25th but time is running out!! So, for the next few days I’m going to post some really awesome and quick projects that are guaranteed to make you a holiday hero this season!!


How about a set of one of these awesome seasonal playing card?! All you need is 4 photos for the JOKERS and your pack is all done! Take a peek!


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Guaranteed Holiday Hit #2: FAMILY STORYBOOK

Storybooks are a fantastic way to record family events and memories. These make wonderful holiday gifts that will be cherished for years and generations to come!!

  • baby books
  • elementary school years
  • real-life princess or superhero
  • teenage time capsule
  • family heritage books
  • love stories
  • family heroes
  • travel book
  • the ideas are endless!!

Take a look at these samples – click on the link to see the whole book:






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Class birthday wishes are a HIT!!

Have ever searched and searched for the perfect set of cards for your class to give each child on their birthdays, but you couldn’t find anything you really like? Well, I solved it by creating my own set of cards. I used 8×4 photo cards so I could create 2 4×4 cards for about $1. The first two went out this week and they were a hit! I just love them. They are SO me…and just what I was looking for. Take a peak!


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So, a week ago Friday I discovered that no one had taken on the grade 8 yearbook this year. Normally it was started months earlier and it would need to be sent to the publisher in just under 2 weeks in order for it to arrive at the school before the end of the school year. Mission Impossible??? Not with Heritage Makers! Here’s the cover of the yearbook designed by yours truly. Click on it to see how the rest of it turned out and tell me what you think. How did I do??

**Note: names and photos of students have been blurred in order to protect identities.**

     Next year? Whole school yearbook!! Yipeeee!!



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