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Jazz up your walls – April Canvas Special!

This month all CANVASES are 10% off including out brand new 36″x24″ canvas. With our gorgeous templates you can personalize and customize these canvases in just minutes, like I did with the ones below (had to borrow some photos from family and friends…but don’t they look great?)

Start your own today by opening your own FREE account at then contact me to find out how you can SAVE even more – up to 50% off on our amazing Club HM program!!

babies family me weddingBaby photos for my version courtesy of Richelle Hunter Photography.

Solo photo shoot for my version courtesy of Red Rubber Studio Photography.


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So, what was originally meant to be a weekly tips and tricks feature of my blog has been so much less than that…life just got busy!! Between part-time teaching, a University online course and getting my personal business off the ground it’s been BUSY!! However, tips and tricks are important and I could tell many of you liked these posts, so I want to keep posting them every once in a while.

So, the next feature I want to highlight is the IMPORT PAGE tool. If you’ve never used it before you’re going to LOVE it! This tool allows you to import all the features from any project into a different project. Make sense? Probably not. 🙂 So let me explain with an example.

On Wednesday I created the canvas below as part of a design challenge with Club HM on Facebook…a challenge which I won…yipee and $20 of FREE product for me!! For the challenge I had to create a canvas, but in the end I wanted my creation but couldn’t afford the price of the actual canvas at this moment.

So, what did I do?

insane courage(#2521062)-F

What I did was I used the IMPORT PAGE feature to turn this 16″ x 20″ canvas into an 8 1/2″ x 11″ scrapbook page that would fit into an 8×10 picture frame.

Here are the steps I took.

1. I opened a new blank 8 1/2 x 11 scrapbook project in an edit screen.

2. At the bottom of my screen I clicked on the tab MY PROJECTS.


3. At this point I have 3 possible locations to look in: CURRENT PROJECT, UNFINISHED PROJECT & COMPLETED PROJECTS. Since this was a CLUB HM challenge entry it was in my COMPLETED PROJECTS so this is the folder I selected.


4. What opens up next is a list of all the projects you have in that folder (as you can see I have MANY projects – no, I haven’t bought all of them 🙂 ). What I’m looking for is the name of the project I want to import, in this case “INSANE COURAGE”.


5. Once I select the project I want the pages in that project will appear as a list. In this case “INSANE COURAGE”, being a canvas, only has one page – the first page (F). In a storybook you could anywhere from 23-101 pages (including the front and back cover).


6. I now need to select the page that I want to import – in this case the front page (F) – and all the elements on that page will appear to the right of the drop down menu. This is also a great place to locate elements from a previous project that you want to add to a new one as you can simply drag and drop them from this screen onto any project. You can also find out what collection they are in by double clicking on the item which will open up an elarged preview and will give you the option to open up the collection. We don’t need to that for this project as we will be importing all of the items all at once. In the next couple of steps.







7. Next click on IMPORT PAGE.







8. Your screen will go black and the following pop-up screen will appear. Click on  YES IMPORT THIS PAGE. The two important things to note are that this will replace any items you currently have on the page and CANNOT be undone.


9. STUDIO will automatically import all elements from my original project into this new project, but, as you can see they are still in their original size and will need resizing – they elements go right off the screen. The size of my scrapbook page is the section that can be seen clearly (the box around the 2). I had to use the zoom in as far as I could in order to get this view. The zoom keys are in the centre at the top of the editing frame right below the HERITAGE MAKERS logo (see second image below).



10. The first step is to SELECT ALL the elements so we can resize everything all at once. To do this go to the EDIT menu at the top left and click on SELECT ALL. The items will appear as above – with a green border around all the objects together.


11. Now we can use the green boxes on the corners of the green frame to resize all the objects. To keep all the proportions the same (and not squish or stretch any elements) hold down the SHIFT key as you drag the boxes diagonally towards the middle.





13. Only one step remains and that is to resize the black background outside of the grey outline so that I can ensure it cover the whole page. This time I only want to resize the background and so I will only click on it and resize it using the corner squares.


AND VOILA!! I’m all done!!insane courage(#2521062)- SCRAP PAGE


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Discounts, discounts and more discounts…just in time for the holidays!!

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“I kiss better than I cook!”

Did the title catch your attention?

It certainly caught mine when I came across this quote ….somewhere. I just LOVED it! So, I turned it into a gallery wrapped canvas with Heritage Makers. Check it out!

What’s your favourite quote? Turn it into a beautiful canvas with photos or graphics and hang it on your wall! Ask me how!

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September canvas on sale!

In the month of September all 8×20 canvases, like the templates below, will be 10% off!

Each of these templates are available in Heritage Maker’s STUDIO and are 100% customizable to suit your photos and taste.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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