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Sending people love….just because…

Still on my February Card-A-Day Challenge. I’ve had to play catch-up a couple of times….life got busy… 🙂

I’m amazed at how easy it is to find reasons to send someone a card – a word of thanks, a word of appreciation, or like today’s couple of cards, a bunch of words JUST BECAUSE!!

I’d LOVE to hear what you think!

TEMPLATE #2556661 that I easily converted into a 4×6 card using the IMPORT PAGE feature.

jeff(#2556663)-FC jeff(#2556663)-T just for you

TEMPLATE # 2556447 that I changed from a full greeting card into a 2 sided invitation.


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card a day challenge

It all started when one of my friends was sitting down to look ahead at 2013 and set some goals for herself. She decided that instead of just TO DO goals she wanted also to have some TO BE goals. TO BE what? Well, for the month of February she has set herself a goal TO BE a better encourager and to express her thanks and appreciation for those around her. To that end she created the CARD-A-DAY CHALLENGE and invited her friends to join her in this endeavour. Didn’t take much to get me on board – I LOVE encouraging people and yet so rarely take the time to be intentional about it.  What a fabulous way to celebrate the month of LOVE – by sending some love to those I care most about.

Here’s the challenge: I write a card a day to someone in my life letting them know I am thinking of them, love them, appreciate them, thank them, etc.  That’s it!  I am choosing to use Heritage Makers to create and publish my cards and even mail them for me using the Direct Ship option.  You can follow my progress on my business Facebook page or my blog here on my blog ( where I’ll be sharing cute card templates and inspirational quotes.

Care to join me and BE an encourager this month as well? I know those around you will appreciate it!  Imagine starting or ending your day with grateful thoughts towards your family, friends and neighbours.  The reward?  TO BE an encourager and  to influence 28 people in a positive way. If you choose to do this through me on Heritage Makers, you will also be rewarded with $50 in more Heritage Makers publishing!

To get started on Heritage Makers simply visit my website and contact me, your consultant, through my website to find out how to register and get started sending your own cards. You can:

  1.  pay as you go,
  2. call me and purchase a discount publishing package (save 10-20% off), OR
  3. purchase Club HM and receive 3 months of free Premier Account upgrade and
    25-35% off your publishing!

It’s SUPER easy and such a fun way to keep connected with friends and family.

So….who will I send a card to today?? Hmmmmmm……  🙂


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Family life gets a “FACE LIFT”?!?!

What kind of face lift? Well the first kind is the best kind – a SMILE!! Here’s a wonderful card ready to send off to your parents to let them know how much you’ve appreciated their love and support over the years. Personalize with you own photos and message.



Or… perhaps your family chore system is in need of a “face lift”. Is it hard to remember who’s supposed to be doing what? Hard to get the kids motivated? Want to teach your kids about working towards goals and about  managing finances? Try this idea that I found on Pinterest ( and created using Heritage Makers. It’s a magnetic chore board. Have your children set a goal – decide on something they would like to purchase and find out how much it costs. To buy their item they complete weekly chores and save up their money. Here’s an idea of  what the board would look like in use:

Simply use this 12×12 scrapbook page and fill the 16 circles with the chores your kids will do to earn money. Cut the circles out and attach magnets to the back.

Then use this 18×24 poster, laminate it (makes it more durable), glue it onto a piece of sheet metal of the same size and VOILA! You have your very own magnetic chore board.

Want to create your own? Message me and I’ll tell you how.

Have other family “face lift” ideas? I’d LOVE to hear them. They might just become my next Heritage Makers project!  🙂



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Warrior Woman, Faithful Friends, and Standing Strong

Lately, on Pinterest, I’ve come across some amazing quotes that reflect my life experience, provide me with life inspiration and express my life aspirations. In the latest Heritage Makers challenge I was able to put some of these amazing quotes to use.

This first quote is one of my favourites. It sure gets me all reved up and ready to fight through the difficult choices and decisions. It brings out the fighter in me. It a quote I aspire to be – my life motto of sorts.

How do you show appreciation to the friends who’ve stuck with you through thick and thin? I have 2 best friends in particular who have stood by my side through some very difficult and dark times over the last couple of years. Here’s a card I created with these 2 friends in mind. I get to personalize each one with a special message of thanks for their enduring friendship, and then HM will direct mail it to their home.

Here’s a quote I found that reflects what’s kept me moving forward. Life has thrown some pretty BIG curve balls, but it’s on my knees before God that I find the strength and courage to keep moving forward. So here’s a wrapped canvas I created. I can hang it on my wall to remind me where my strength comes from.


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