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This could be YOUR family heritage album!!

Yates Family Album
Check out my latest project – a family heritage book for a co-worker of mine. She was so thankful to be doing this book now as her mom is the last living relative of her generation and she’s already beginning to get confused and forget lots…family connections and occasions. Now, the whole family will have a record to pass along generation after generation. What a priceless treasure!!
WANT TO HAVE A BOOK LIKE THIS ONE OF YOUR OWN FAMILY HISTORY? CONTACT ME TODAY to find out how to get started on Heritage Makers or sign-up for a FREE account from my website (link on the right). Create your book from scratch, or, like me, use one of thousands of gorgeous templates and make it your own. It’s easy, fast and fun!!
LOVE THE PRODUCT BUT DON’T HAVE TIME TO MAKE IT YOURSELF? CONTACT ME TODAY to set up an initial consultation (in person or online) for $25 and get a pricing estimate for your project. Decide from there if you would like to proceed.
Don’t let your family heritage simply disappear…get your stories into books today and cherish those memories forever!!



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Guaranteed Holiday Hit #4 – Custom Playing Cards

So, there’s still a bit of time to get your holiday projects done and delivered before Dec. 25th but time is running out!! So, for the next few days I’m going to post some really awesome and quick projects that are guaranteed to make you a holiday hero this season!!


How about a set of one of these awesome seasonal playing card?! All you need is 4 photos for the JOKERS and your pack is all done! Take a peek!


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Guaranteed Holiday Hit #3: PHOTO BUCKET BAGS

Bucket bag – great for a personal purse.

Grand Bucket Bag – great for that carry-all “mama’s” bag.






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This weekend ONLY – FREE Premier access!!

You have to go and try it out folks…it’s amazing!! Like having 10 Michaels stores at your fingertips just waiting for your to create beautiful projects with your photos. Check it out! Play around. All for FREE!! You can’t beat that! 🙂:)


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