NEW YORK CITY – a whirlwind adventure!

14 Aug

Take a peak at the book I made to commemorate the 5 day trip my best friend and I made to NYC. Above you see the cover (and did you notice that I spelled my title (new york city) with photos of letters that we found around the city – cool, eh?!) It was a very special trip for both of us so we wanted to put our memories into a storybook and here it is! I used a template, which gave me the basic design, but I LOVE how Heritage Makers allows me to make ANY changes to the template I want to – colour, embellishments, number, location, and size of photos – anything I want! The book took me about 2 weeks to put together and is 81 pages….Yes, you read that right – 81 PAGES!! The best part was that it only cost me $125. If I had made it with paper it would have run me well over $300-$400 – at least! AND a few YEARS to get it completed.

Here’s my favourite pages – but there are lots, lots more…check out the link.


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