Weeding…my photos!!

29 Jul


Have you been into your Heritage Makers account this week? Have you looked at your MY PHOTOS section? If you have then you’ve probably noticed it looks a bit different. It’s even easier now to keep track of your photos and manage your albums in your account.

I think HM said it best when they posted that. “The new features make it easy to view, organize and share your photos and albums, and stay aware of your storage usage. We encourage you to streamline, simplify and optimize your creative Studio experience by actively managing your photos.”

So, this week I’ve spent some time going through my album and deleting some of my unused photos – photos that I didn’t include in my projects (published or unpublished). It’s so easy to do! Simply choose an album, click on the SHOW USAGE box, and then filter the photo by UNUSED IMAGES. Then just delete the ones you know you don’t want to keep.

Of course there are some unused images that I still might use in future projects so I didn’t want to delete all of them. However I also had a ton of junky photos saved that I knew I’d never use – so those I deleted.

So, join me and tidy up your photos in your account. Add it to your projects for the summer. You won’t regret it!


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