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1. Sending Them Back to School

Thu, Aug 9, 2012 7:00 PM MDT

by Studio Product Manager Lynda Angelastro and Marketing and Communications Coordinator Cynthia Coulon
Be a more purposeful part of their school day with unique projects to showcase talents, thank teachers and strengthen friendships.
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2. Say Goodbye to Summer

Thu, Aug 23, 2012 7:00 PM MDT

by Studio Product Manager Lynda Angelastro

Learn fast and easy ways to finish your vacation, reunion, beach and other summer scrapbooking.
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Weeding…my photos!!


Have you been into your Heritage Makers account this week? Have you looked at your MY PHOTOS section? If you have then you’ve probably noticed it looks a bit different. It’s even easier now to keep track of your photos and manage your albums in your account.

I think HM said it best when they posted that. “The new features make it easy to view, organize and share your photos and albums, and stay aware of your storage usage. We encourage you to streamline, simplify and optimize your creative Studio experience by actively managing your photos.”

So, this week I’ve spent some time going through my album and deleting some of my unused photos – photos that I didn’t include in my projects (published or unpublished). It’s so easy to do! Simply choose an album, click on the SHOW USAGE box, and then filter the photo by UNUSED IMAGES. Then just delete the ones you know you don’t want to keep.

Of course there are some unused images that I still might use in future projects so I didn’t want to delete all of them. However I also had a ton of junky photos saved that I knew I’d never use – so those I deleted.

So, join me and tidy up your photos in your account. Add it to your projects for the summer. You won’t regret it!


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Business cards are SO small that it can be difficult to design them knowing exactly how they will turn out in the end. However, Heritage Makers has put out some KEY TIPS to making sure that your business cards turn out JUST RIGHT:

Business Cards–Design Guidelines

Bleed, Safe Area and Crop Marks explained. . .

Safe Area. Imagine an area about 1/8-inch inside the bleed area (for demonstration purposes here, we’ve designated it with dotted lines). Make sure any text or key art elements are within the safe area, otherwise they could get cut off.
Crop Marks/Trim.
This is where we aim to cut your cards.
Bleed Area. We cut the bleed area off your cards to avoid white strips on the edge. Make sure any images or colors fill this area.

TIP #1 Make sure your text and important details are inside the safe area, otherwise they may get cut off.

TIP #2 Make sure your images/colors/background art extends through the FULL bleed. Otherwise, your cards might have ugly white areas.

TIP #3 Sadly, the use of borders can result in lopsided cards, and we wouldn’t want that

—so avoid them where possible.

Just remember these handy tips and you’ll be HAPPY with all the business cards you publish with Heritage Makers.


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Christmas in July??

Why am I talking about Christmas in July?? Do you need to start your holiday project already?? No. Holiday project publishing deadlines aren’t until November. But, it is a great time to start planning the holiday gifts, greetings and home decor you’d like to create so you can start stocking up on points and get the best savings available through Club HM.
At the 4ever Photos digi-crop on Friday we used the holiday points planning page to help us figure out how many points we would need for all our projects and what level of Club HM we need to be on in order to accumulate those points over the next 5 months. Want a copy of this planning guide? Just drop me a line and I can email or snail mail you a copy. Need some help figuring it all out? Not a problem. Just let me know and we can go through it together online or in person. It’s easy and VERY helpful.

What kinds of holiday project can you create with Heritage Makers? Well, in reality the possibilities are endless, but here are some ideas and suggestions:


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