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Summer publishing sales – CHECK IT OUT AND SAVE!

JULY10% off playing cards

Publish any set of playing cards in the month of July and get an additional 10% off – what a great deal!

AUGUST10% off 12×12 storybook

Publish any 12×12 storybook in the month of August and pay even less! (This is only for a 12×12 storybook, not for scrapbook pages).


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Long-lasting birthday wishes!

Check out my newest creation on Heritage Makers!

What is it?   A unique birthday card with 8 personalized coupons attached. What a cool idea!

How did I create it? I used a tri-fold brochure.

It ‘s the perfect combination of birthday wishes and gift all rolled up in one…

… and SO easy to customize for the birthday person.


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So, a week ago Friday I discovered that no one had taken on the grade 8 yearbook this year. Normally it was started months earlier and it would need to be sent to the publisher in just under 2 weeks in order for it to arrive at the school before the end of the school year. Mission Impossible??? Not with Heritage Makers! Here’s the cover of the yearbook designed by yours truly. Click on it to see how the rest of it turned out and tell me what you think. How did I do??

**Note: names and photos of students have been blurred in order to protect identities.**

     Next year? Whole school yearbook!! Yipeeee!!



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Whether you’re Canadian, American or both, you’re going to LOVE this webinar. It’s completely FREE and features lots of great ideas and tips and tricks.All you need is a computer and internet connection.

Plus…you may just win some FREE publishing points just for showing up!

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Tips and Tricks #4: Colour Match

One of the many tools in HM’s STUDIO is adding colour to your page with coloured borders, coloured text and the colour fill effect. However, I am often frustrated because I can’t find the exact colour I want in the STUDIO tools colour palette, especially when I really want to match with something else on my page. Well, that is I used to get frustrated until I learned about colour match. It’s AMAZING and so simple.

Whenever you are selecting a colour you cursor turns into an eye dropper. At this point you can choose any item anywhere on your page and the colour match tool will match the colour exactly. Cool, right?? I agree!! Here’s an example of when I used this exact features:

 When creating a grade 8 yearbook for my school i wanted to match the colour of the border on the right hand side to the colour of the students sashes in their grade photos (unfortunately you can’t see them as they have been blurred to keep idenitities secret). However, all I did was go to my toolbox, use the fill effect and select the blue on sashes with the eye dropper. I used this same technique for the border colour around the lettering only I chose a slightly lighter shade.

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Get ready for summer with new art in June!

Here’s what’s new in the Heritage Makers STUDIO art gallery!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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Host a party…find a solution to all your photo needs…AND get awesome rewards!!

Host a Heritage Makers party in the month of June – live or an online webinar – and get one of these special rewards – personalized photo tote or customized 12×12 canvas. ONLY AVAILABLE FOR THE MONTH OF JUNE!
Contact me to set up a date and get started using your photos to create lasting family memories.

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