Tips and Tricks #2: Cropping photos

13 May

CROPPING –  one of the essential skills for any scrapbooker. But, unlike paper scrapbooking where you get ONE try at cropping your photo (once you’ve cut there’s not going back), with digital publishing you can try a million and one different configurations until you find the right one.

So, how do you crop a photo in Heritage Makers STUDIO? There are essentially 2 ways:

A. . CROPPING AN UNLOCKED PHOTO: You know a photo is unlocked when the border around the photo is green when you click on it.

1. Click on the photo and then go to the TOOLS tab on the toolbox menu. 

2. Choose CROP and a blue border will appear on your photo:

3. Drag the blue border lines to wherever you would like to crop your photo. What is inside the blue box is what you will keep. When you’re satisfied choose DONE and see your photo cropped.

4. Need to make a change? Simply use the ADJUST button in the TOOLS menu of the toolbox (only shows up if the photo has already been cropped). To get rid of the crop and go back to the original menu choose REMOVE.

B.CROPPING A LOCKED PHOTO: When a photo is locked you cannot change the overall shape of the photo, but you can zoom in or out, rotate and adjust the how the photo is centered in the frame. You will know the photo is locked when it has a thick red border around the outside like the one below:

1. Select the photo you want to crop and choose the TOOLS menu in the toolbox – same as step 1 above.

2. Choose ADJUST.

3. To zoom in and out use the SCALE slider controls.  To rotate the photo use the ROTATIONS slider controls. For more precise control use the up and down arrows.

4. Click on the photo, hold the mouse down and drag the photo around to change how the photo is centered in its frame.

5. Choose DONE on the TOOLS menu and see your finished crop. If you are not satisfied simply go back into the TOOLS menu and make so more adjustments.


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