Weekly Tips and Tricks – Post #1: Copy formatting

06 May

Here’s the plan – every week on Sunday I hope to post another tips and/or trick to using Heritage Maker’s STUDIO program. These tips and tricks are key to using the program efficiently and having it do the work for you…reducing the time you spend creating projects.

Today’s Tip: How to copy formatting (colour, rounded corners, sepia/black and white, drop box, border) to multiple elements on a page (or several pages)

1. Select one element on your page and put all the formatting on it that you wish it to have from the toolbox menu:

2. Copy the element – right click and copy;

use the button at the top right hand corner of the editing page;

or use EDIT and COPY.


3. Select all the other elements on the page that you wish to share this same formatting by holding down the SHIFT key while selecting them. This will group the obejcts together and place a border around them all – green (if items are all unlocked) or red (if items are locked).

4. Go to EDIT – PASTE SPECIAL – PASTE FORMAT. This will copy all formatting from the first element onto all other objects you’ve selected.

Stay tuned next week for POST #2 next week.

Happy publishing!!


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