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Woo-hoo!! You can get access to all the artwork on Heritage Makers Studio next week-end at the low-down cost of FREE!!

This is a great way to add a bit extra to a project you’re already working on, or get started on something new and be able to take your pick of all the art work available. Need some help getting started?? Just let me know and I’ll help in whatever way I can.


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Family life gets a “FACE LIFT”?!?!

What kind of face lift? Well the first kind is the best kind – a SMILE!! Here’s a wonderful card ready to send off to your parents to let them know how much you’ve appreciated their love and support over the years. Personalize with you own photos and message.



Or… perhaps your family chore system is in need of a “face lift”. Is it hard to remember who’s supposed to be doing what? Hard to get the kids motivated? Want to teach your kids about working towards goals and about  managing finances? Try this idea that I found on Pinterest ( and created using Heritage Makers. It’s a magnetic chore board. Have your children set a goal – decide on something they would like to purchase and find out how much it costs. To buy their item they complete weekly chores and save up their money. Here’s an idea of  what the board would look like in use:

Simply use this 12×12 scrapbook page and fill the 16 circles with the chores your kids will do to earn money. Cut the circles out and attach magnets to the back.

Then use this 18×24 poster, laminate it (makes it more durable), glue it onto a piece of sheet metal of the same size and VOILA! You have your very own magnetic chore board.

Want to create your own? Message me and I’ll tell you how.

Have other family “face lift” ideas? I’d LOVE to hear them. They might just become my next Heritage Makers project!  🙂



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Mixing “business” with “pleasure”!!

Want to create beautiful, unique invitations to a special event? How about using a tri-fold brochure?! I NEVER would have consider it, except that is was today’s Heritage Makers challenge on the Club HM facebook page. So….I dove right it. I used my absolute favourite art collection – SOPHISTICATED GRUNGE – and some photos I had already uploaded of my parents around their engagement, and created an mock wedding invitation from the tri-fold brochure in the Heritage Makers business products. Here’s the results:



I’d LOVE to hear what YOU think! Leave me a message and let me know!

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AMAZING customized gifts for MOM!

Here are some amazing gifts that you could make for your mom with Heritage Makers. From gallery-wrapped canvases ready to hang, to personalized table-top tiles, beautifully preserve her favourite recipes, or tell her all the many things you LOVE about her. Ask me how you can get started today!!


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Studio Tips and Tricks – Basic 1

Had our first digi-crop last week. What fun it was to learn our way around Studio together and work on our projects together. We focused on some basic Studio skills. Here are a couple of important tips and tricks:



You may notice that when you stretch or shrink a photo, embellishment, background, or other art work that is unlocked, the colour of the border around it might change. These colours are indications of the quality of photo resolution when your project is printed. Here’s what they mean:

green border = all is well. Item will print clearly.

yellow border = careful. You are starting to lose some resolution and it will not be as clear.

orange border = CAUTION! This item will not print clearly and will be somewhat blurry.

red border = WARNING! This item has lost significant resolution and will be significantly blurry.


– To easily replace a photo, background or embellishment when items are locked (thick red border), simply select the item and drag the new one until your cursor is overtop of the box that says “Drag photo here to swap”. (If box doesn’t show up, simply drag and drop while holding down the Ctrl key.)

– To easily replace a photo, background or embellishment when items are unlocked (green border), simply select the item, hold down the Ctrl key and drag the new one until your cursor is overtop of the item being replaced (the “Drag photo here to swap” box might also appear).


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April Art!!

Take a look at the new ART on Heritage Makers this month!

From weddings to new babies, calendars to cards, this art will be perfect for all you want to create!


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