Warrior Woman, Faithful Friends, and Standing Strong

07 Mar

Lately, on Pinterest, I’ve come across some amazing quotes that reflect my life experience, provide me with life inspiration and express my life aspirations. In the latest Heritage Makers challenge I was able to put some of these amazing quotes to use.

This first quote is one of my favourites. It sure gets me all reved up and ready to fight through the difficult choices and decisions. It brings out the fighter in me. It a quote I aspire to be – my life motto of sorts.

How do you show appreciation to the friends who’ve stuck with you through thick and thin? I have 2 best friends in particular who have stood by my side through some very difficult and dark times over the last couple of years. Here’s a card I created with these 2 friends in mind. I get to personalize each one with a special message of thanks for their enduring friendship, and then HM will direct mail it to their home.

Here’s a quote I found that reflects what’s kept me moving forward. Life has thrown some pretty BIG curve balls, but it’s on my knees before God that I find the strength and courage to keep moving forward. So here’s a wrapped canvas I created. I can hang it on my wall to remind me where my strength comes from.


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