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“Kids spell love T-I-M-E.” (John Crudele)

Inspired by the Inpsiration class on Thursday, here’s another idea of how to invest in your kids – date cards with Mom and Dad. I must give credit to one of my Pinterest pins for this idea (the website is on the 2nd card in my project). Since I don’t have kids of my own I’ve just created a random family, however they could easily also be made into dates with aunts or uncles, grandma or grandpa, whomever.


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The Power of Love – Insulating our children!

Another terrific Inspiration class through Heritage Makers last night. Lots of great ideas for kids, parents, sweethearts (both young and old) and to decorate your home at Valentine’s or any time of the year. I especially love the idea of insulating our kids against false love by “romancing” them with our love as parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. and by God. How? Tell them how much you love them and the stories of love in your family – the legacy of love in your family – through storybooks. When they know that they are grounded in love with their family – and with God – they won’t be desperate to find it elsewhere.
 What are you doing to insulate the kids you love in your life?



So, I was inspired by one of my pinterest pins (seen on the left credit goes to to create  another challenge entry for CLUB HM. I figured that his could be used to hang absolutely anything, even seasonal decor.

I really like this RUSTIC look and so I decided to keep it going. One of my favourite wall hangings is of the verses from 1 Cor. 13:4-8 which are all about what love is. So here is what I created to be used on this wall hanging.

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Valentine Home Decor

Being a part of Heritage Makers means being a part of a social community where ideas and projects are abundant. We have our own club on Facebook which posts daily challenges and offers an opportunity to win FREE points. I just LOVE getting my creative juices flowing and see what I can create.

Today’s challenge was a “Valentine’s DECOR Challenge – Make a project to brighten your home on Valentine’s Day.” I chose to create an 11×14 poster that can be famed and hung for Valentine’s. What I love about it is it have a love message but it is also a walk down memory lane with all the love song titles.

I ended up making two versions as I wasn’t sure which colouring would look best. It only took minutes to make the changes.

Take a look and let me know which one is your favourite!

Original version:                                                                        Remix:

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Christmas Success Video

Check our the 4everPhotos Facebook page to view my video on how my nieces and nephews enjoyed their Heritage Makers gifts.


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Christmas was a hit! Thanks Heritage Makers!

I’ve been anxiously waiting to be able to post these projects. For the sake of secrecy I had to wait, but now…now I can let everyone see my wonderful Christmas projects. There were a HUGE hit!

Click on the project thumbnails to see the entire project in a seperate window.

Aunts and Uncles 2012 Calendars featuring photos by my mom and sister

Nieces and Nephews – personalized playing cards with their own name and photo on the back of each card (no fighting over these cards!)

1 year-old: Animal flip-book (mix of 2 HM Studio templates)

This was a hard one. Really, what do you get a 1 year-old? So, I made my niece her very own animal flip book.

3 year-old and 7 year old: “Go Fish!” and “Old Maid” playing cards (modified HM Studio templates)

What makes these extra fun is that you collect family members – “Do you have any Grandma’s?”

Go Fish:                                                                                                                     Old Maid:

9 year-old boy: Robot themed regular playing cards (my own creation and now an HM Studio template)

I made his with different robots on each “suit”, but also made a second version where each card front has a spot for a photo (I just didn’t have enough photos to make that work).

Version #1:

Version #2: projectId=2069903&productId=63&projectSponsor=563037

12 year-old: “Naughty or Nice” (my own creation and hoping it becomes an HM Studio template)

Made up a holiday version of the game of “Pit”- a holiday family favourite – which I called “Naughty or Nice”. Once again I made 2 different versions: one with just the different suits on the front and one with the suit and a place for a photo. We actually got to play this game and it was loads of fun!

Version #1:

Version #2:

What fun it was to watch the kids open their gifts. Wish I could post the video here.  😦  Perhaps I’ll find a way to share it with you soon. 🙂

I’d LOVE to hear what you think!

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