What’s your style? VOTE for your top 3.

10 Dec

With over 5000 pieces of art work included in a Premier membership to Heritage Makers, I often find the options overwhelming! To do one tiny search for the perfect letter “a” results in over 250 possibilities – yikes!! But what I’ve found is that I gravitate towards certain styles of backgrounds, alphabets and embellishments more than to others. Yes, at times the subject of the page dictates the use of some elements I might not normally pick, but, still my personal likes and dislikes play a big role. In the end I find that my pages, and the ones that others have created that I am most drawn to, tend to have a similar feel to them.

I guess it’s a good thing there is so much choice. With this much variety there is enough to suit any artistic design. To prove my point I created a book called “What’s Your Style?” showcasing various types of pages that are easy to create with Heritage Makers. Each style has its own characteristics and feel.

So, now I want to know from you – WHAT’S YOUR STYLE? Take a look at the slideshow below and notice which pages really get you excited. Then take my poll and vote for your top 3 styles.

Share this with friends and family and have them vote as well.

Check back often to see the results.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

CHALLENGE: Can you guess what my top 3 styles are??? Take your best guess in the comment box below.

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